Get guidance deploying innovative funding solutions to create large scale impact in communities nationwide.

Public Private Partnerships funded with Social Impact Bonds make it possible for private capital to create social change in communities nationwide. Acting as an intermediary, Evergood will open capital markets up to impact makers and government programs nationwide.

New sources of capital investment will enable social impact enterprises to scale their solutions, resulting in significant positive outcomes for their communities.

This positive impact can deliver tangible cost savings and/or revenue increases for local, state and federal governments. Investors can help create impact in their communities, in most cases, without compromising on principal losses or returns. Such partnerships are viable and sustainable options to manage philanthropy and impact investment portfolios–win-win-win solutions across all stakeholders to produce social good.

The Evergood team can help facilitate the process of implementing this innovating financing tool.

Why Work With Evergood

  • Simplified and cost-effective intermediary services
  • Extensive expertise in public private partnership funding
  • Exposure to broad portfolio of impact investments nationwide
  • Collaborative approach to structuring partnerships


Project Management

  • Contract Coordination
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Contract Implementation


  • Impact and Outcome Planning
  • Program Effectiveness Articulation
  • SIB and PP Marketing

Marketplace Solutions

  • Investor Sourcing
  • Service Provider Sourcing
  • Evaluator Sourcing

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