Corporate Social Responsibility
& ESG Strategy

Good corporate citizenship is an effective sustainability strategy.

Do well by doing good. Achieve your triple bottom line targets.

As investors, customers and employees seek out thoughtful community engagement from corporate citizens, businesses must establish and articulate their long-term sustainability goals. These goals can come from a wide variety of factors affecting environmental, social and governance-related impact.

A firm’s ability to swiftly identify their gaps in these areas will confer competitive advantage over their peers. Efforts to do so offer a major opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to operating responsibly and marking a positive impact in their communities.

The Evergood team can help your firm identify ESG gaps, build a comprehensive sustainability strategy, and design communication strategy to ultimately raise brand value across all stakeholders.

Why Work With Evergood

  • Increased brand value through complete alignment with CSR and sustainability strategy
  • Increased reporting preparedness on ESG strategy
  • Creating a long-term sustainable competitive advantage through material risk reduction
  • Increase overall visibility as a leading corporate citizen driving change through sustainability initiative


Gap Analysis

  • Define/identify value drivers
  • Assess current ESG factors
  • Establish benchmarks
  • Define/identify gaps and areas of improvement

Materiality Analysis

  • Establish external feedback system to assess risks
  • Set desired SDG targets supported by business activities
  • Identify key material risk factors

ESG Metrics

  • Build ESG metrics based on materiality
  • Design ESG capture framework
  • Build ESG analysis system
  • Establish screens to meet stakeholder requirements

Strategy Communication

  • Prepare ESG reporting for stakeholders
  • Design internal stakeholder engagement plan to support the overall strategy
  • Work with branding, marketing and PR team to deploy holistic strategy messaging

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