Impact Investors

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Fulfill your social impact vision.

Impact investing is a little like farming:

It’s a long and laborious process requiring patience and discipline. Sometimes it’s hard to know just where to plant the seeds. And it’s difficult to predict if the crop will be productive and healthy.

The Evergood team can reduce the uncertainty in this process, helping you build an impact portfolio that delivers on your expectations. Our rigorous due diligence process paired with our expertise in impact metrics assessment can maximize risk-adjusted returns on your investments.

Why Work With Evergood

  • Increase impact through optimized investment selection – Select
  • Reduce risk through investment due diligence – Research
  • Improve reporting accuracy through rigorous measurement – Measure
  • Ensure accountability through our performance-measurement requirements – Require

Increase impact through optimized investment selection

  • Leverage our assessment capabilities to target the right investments
  • Increase investment effectiveness by eliminating unfit investments early
  • Eliminate trial and error while selecting investments

With increased efficiency in the selection process your investment dollar will go further – Get it right the first time

Reduce risk through investment due diligence

  • Reduce branding risks through our critical analysis
  • Better understand selected investments
  • Create an option to exit at early engagement stage

Reconfirm your initial assessment or avoid risking investment in ineffective enterprises – Avoid bad apples

Improve reporting accuracy through rigorous measurement

  • Improve portfolio performance with strict impact-measurement processes
  • Create opportunity for rebalancing by eliminating underperformers
  • Compile collective impact to analyze effectiveness of investment and philanthropic strategies

Diligent measurement allows for precision in future investment decisions resulting in overall increase in long-term portfolio performance – Count every dollar that is earned

Ensure accountability from the portfolio enterprises through our performance-measurement requirements

  • Exercise more control over the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of impact accounting
  • Apply measurement framework to match your desired outcomes
  • Implement disciplined approach to measurement that fits your requirements

Structured impact accounting grants you more control over the key process of measuring returns on the capital – You can’t analyze what you don’t measure.


Due Diligence

  • Brand Risk Assessment
  • Metrics Design
  • Impact Measurement


  • Impact Assessment
  • Portfolio Performance
  • CSR Annual Reports


  • Portfolio & Fund Construction
  • Investment Analysis
  • Product & Program Design

Marketplace Solutions

  • Impact Opportunity Sourcing
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Stakeholder Introductions

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